BA Organizes the 2016 Hassan Fathi Award Ceremony

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The BA is organizing the the award ceremony of the 2016 Hassan Fathi Award for Architecture, which is set to take place on Wednesday, 2 November 2016. The BA will also inaugurate the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) President’s Medals Award Exhibition 2015 alongside the award ceremony. The exhibition showcases the works of the winners and a selection of entries submitted to the RIBA competition. The ceremony will be followed by a seminar titled “The Future of Architectural Education in Egypt”.

This year’s Haasan Fathi Award focuses on two topics: “Projects of Recreational Centers and Shopping Malls” and “Projects by Egyptian Architects Abroad”. The winner in each of the competition’s main categories is awarded a golden medal bearing the name of the Hassan Fathi Award for Architecture and a certificate of appreciation.

The jury members are going to convene on 31 October to decide on the winners.

This ceremony is considered one of the most important architectural events to take place in Alexandria, as it aims to improve contemporary Egyptian architecture, spread cultural awareness about the importance of architecture in society, and encourage and honor Egyptian architects.