“Archaeological Skeletal Remains: Between Site and Lab” Workshop

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On 29 November, the BA held a workshop specialized in skeletal remains in archaeological sites and how to handle them on the way from the sites to the labs. The workshop was held under the auspices of the Alexandria Center for Hellenistic Studies as well as the Department of Excavations and the Scientific Publication Department. The workshop discussed the methods of inferring information from skeletal remains, which contribute to rewriting the history of archaeological sites.

The workshop called for the necessity of establishing a specialized anthropology lab, after excavations are finalized, near the excavation site, in collaboration with Egyptian scientific centers capable of providing adequate services in this field, such as the Antiquities Research Center at the Ministry of Antiquities and the National Research Centre. The workshop also called for the establishment of scientific library that contains scientific resources and periodicals on the different fields of bioarchaeology.

A number of recommendations and proposals were presented at the end of the workshop, including organizing the periodical scientific publication of all archaeological human remains excavated in Egypt. The recommendations concluded with emphasizing the importance of activating the societal role of universities and research institutes at the various Egyptian universities through holding a variety of workshops and seminars. Such activities should train archaeology students and graduates in order to raise their awareness of the importance of human remains in particular and of antiquities in general, as well as their vital role in preserving and reviving ancient Egyptian history.  


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