Omani Cultural Attaché Donates its Publications to the BA

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The BA has received a donation from the Omani Cultural Attaché of all its publication, and it has also offered all its publications within the framework of building a cultural partnership between both entities.

The donation given to the BA includes a collection of books on various topics and fields, such as history, literature, media, intellect, and poetry. It also includes a collection of scientific books translated into Arabic as well as several publications in English.

Tarykhou Al Islam wa wafiyyatou Almashaḥyri wa l’aʿlami (The History of Islam and the Death of Celebrities and Luminaries), by historian Al-Dhahabi, is one of the most important books in the donated collection. The book tackles a period in Islamic history, from the beginning of the Hijrah to AH 700, and it includes the deaths of celebrities and luminaries during the period from AH 501 to AH 520.

The donation also includes parts of the Gazetteer of the Persian Gulf, Oman and Central Arabia volume by J.G. Lorimer, which presents the integrated geographical facts of the Arabian Peninsula.

The collection includes other books on the civilizational, humanitarian, and intellectual history of Omani cities, as well as the contribution of Oman in the Islamic Arab civilizational discourse, engaging the media in Kuwaiti theater, and the most important tourist attractions in Oman.