“Toward a Better Future for Young People”

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Al-Azhar is conducting a social discussion session titled “Toward a Better Future for Young People” at the BA on Thursday, 23 February at 11:00 am. Dr. Abbas Shuman, Deputy of al-Azhar; a number of Islamic and Christian religious leaders; and executive and civic leaderships from Alexandria will attend the event.

The event is organized under the aegis of Dr. Ahmed el-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of al-Azhar, and it will be held as an implementation of the recommendations of the first conference for young people that was held in Sharm el-Sheikh in the presence of the President of Egypt. The session will also highlight al-Azhar’s endeavors to formulate a comprehensive national vision to establish and promote values of loyalty and statehood, regulate morality, and renew religious discourse within the context of maintaining basic religious principles and preserving the Egyptian identity. The session will include an open discussion between a large number of Alexandrian youth and Muslim and Christin religious scholars.

Hosting this event comes as part of the BA’s efforts in promoting dialogue, especially with young people, and in supporting efforts that aim to renew religious discourse and confront extremism.