Dr. El Feki to Convene with Arab and African Youth at the BA

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Dr. Mostafa el Feki, Director of the BA, will convene with youth from Egypt and a number of Arab and African countries on Tuesday, 18 July 2017 in order to listen to their opinions on the activities held by the BA and suggestions on how to further activate the role of the youth. This meeting will be held as a quick response to the suggestions raised during last weeks’ “Intellectual Dialogue”, which included lucrative interaction with youth and an openness to the Arb world and Africa.

Dr. El Feki emphasized that the BA will focus on interacting more with various African countries during the upcoming period in order to strengthen Egypt’s role in Africa. He also added that he considers the African students enrolled in Egyptian universities as future ambassadors for Egypt in different African countries.

The BA will also conclude the 5th phase of the “Youth for Change” program tomorrow. This year’s program targeted youth from 10 Arab countries, and 12 winning projects had been picked—three from Egypt and one from each of the remaining nine participating Arab countries. The winning participants will be granted US$1,500 to execute their projects by the end of 2017. It is noteworthy that the theme and target of the program’s 5th phase focused on the field of ICT and how it can be used as a key factor in achieving social development.