History of Suez Canal on BA E-Learning Platform on the Anniversary of the New Suez Canal Inauguration

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On the anniversary of the inauguration of the New Suez Canal, Dr. Mostafa el Feki announced the Ba’s plan to provide e-learning courses on the history of the Suez Canal through its e-learning platform. The courses will be offered as part of the BA’s aspiration to promote public historical awareness, with a specific focus on Egypt’s history because of its great importance and its achievements and various successes throughout the ages.

These courses will include the history of the idea of digging the canal, its inauguration and excavation work, as well as the movement of ships and maritime navigation, correspondences and official documents. They will also display various historical images depicting the different stages of the digging process. This will enable researchers and people interested in the topic to access the political, geographical, and historical documents that they need. The courses will be interactive and will use an intriguing and captivating educational approach.

This service comes as part of the BA’s endeavors to support learners, improve scientific and academic research, and promote cultural awareness among people.

The service also aims to reinforce and advocate for Digital Culture among the general public through investing in the latest technological advancements in developing research skills, and to strengthen and develop research methods as vital elements in the progress and prosperity of the community.

These lectures will be accessible through the BA e-learning platform, Moodle.

To watch the promo on the offered course, please click here.