BA Hosts Il loto e il Papiro Book Signing

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Dr. Mostafa el Feki, Director of the BA; Dr. Zahi Hawass, esteemed Egyptian archaeologist and Egyptologist; and renowned Italian dramatist Francesco Santocono have inaugurated the book signing ceremony of Il loto e il Papiro (The Lotus and the Papyrus). The play is authored by Francesco Santocono, and Dr. Hawass wrote its introduction.

Dr. El Feki stated that the attendance of Dr. Hawass added an exceptional value to the event, emphasizing that the regionally and internationally renowned Egyptian archaeologist has greatly contributed to the field of archaeology and heritage preservation in various Arab and Western countries.

 Dr. El Feki also affirmed that Il loto e il Papiro—the introduction of which was written by Dr. Hawass—is one of the most important works that help strengthen the cultural relations between Egypt and Italy and deepen the historical relations between both countries.

In his speech, Francesco Santocono expressed his gratitude to the BA for hosting the book signing event, and he expressed his utmost admiration of the hospitality of the Library and the audience. He explained that the play represents a new literary style that blends ancient Greek writing with the ancient Egyptian identity, while retracing a vitally significant period in Egyptian history.

The play is divided into three parts highlighting the grandiose efforts of the Egyptian military in conquering and expelling the Hyksos, who ruled Egypt during the time of the 15th–17th dynasty in ancient Egypt.

Dr. Hawass also announced that he is cooperating with Francesco Santocono in drafting a new opera titled Tutankhamun to be presented on 4 November 2022 on the occasion of the centenary of discovering the tomb of Tutankhamun.


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