400 Intellectuals to Attend Conference on Confronting Extremism at the BA

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Dr. Mostafa el Feki, Director of the BA, will inaugurate the 4th annual conference on confronting extremism on Sunday, 28 January 2018. The three-day conference will be attended by more than 400 intellectuals, researchers, academics, and members of the media.

Dr. el Feki stressed that this year should be focused on confronting extremism and renewing religious discourse by interacting with youths and religious institutions in order to organize extensive visits and programs for them at the BA, with the aim of disseminating the culture of tolerance, citizenship, and acceptance of others.

He added that the BA will begin its activities this year with its 4th conference on confronting extremism, held under the title of “Art and Literature in the Face of Extremism”. The conference will be attended by a large number of intellectuals, thinkers, politicians, members of the media, literary figures, artists, critics, strategic experts and professors of political science from Egypt and the rest of the Arab world. The aim of the conference is to formulate a comprehensive vision on how to utilize art and literature in confronting extremism, as they advocate life, whereas terrorism advocates a culture of death. European experts in Middle Eastern Affairs from Italy, Germany, Portugal will also take part in the conference, in addition to a high-level delegation from China.

The conference will begin at 4:00 pm with the inauguration of an exhibition titled “Arabs and Europe: Commonality”, which aims to encourage communication between the Arab world and Europe by searching for the common art between both parties that were further promoted through trade and pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Trade helped transfer several arts to Europe, including the production of porcelain that was developed to accommodate the needs of Europeans and became quite popular in Basra, Mosul and Fustat. The exhibition will also emphasize the influence of European art on Islamic art.