BA Organizes Seventh Round of Ecrire la Méditerranée

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The BA Center of Francophone Activities (CAF), in cooperation with Institut français d'Egypte (the French Institute) in Alexandria and the Mediterranean Studies Institute, held the seventh round of Ecrire la Méditerranée from 11 to 15 February 2018. This year’s event was held under the title “Lire, traduire, parler : Les voix de la Méditerranée” (Read, Translate, Speak: The voices of the Mediterranean).

This year, the event revolved around translation; participants discussed contemporary issues related to the Mediterranean Region through an everlasting perspective that shifts through the vicissitudes of time.

The 7th round included five translation workshops held at francophone universities and schools, four roundtable discussions, four assemblies, two literary forum sessions at the French Institute, two concerts, a photography exhibition, a book club, and a film screening.

The events concluded with a workshop delivered by Congolese author and composer Wilfried N’Sondé at La Mere De Due College in Alexandria and a roundtable discussion where participants—including Ersi Sotiropoulos, journalist and author; Khaled Raouf, poet and translator; Dominique Fernandez, member of the Académie française; translator Khaled Osman; Nael Eltoukhy, journalist and translator specializing in Hebrew language and literature; and Charles Dantzig, author, publisher, and  creator of “Le Courage” magazine—discussed a topic revolving around translation. The session was presided by André Bonet, founder of the annual Ecrire la Méditerranée events.


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