BA Calligraphy Center Publishes the Twelfth Issue of the Periodical Abgadiyat

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The BA Writing and Scripts Center published the twelfth issue of Abgadiyat, an annual international scientific peer-reviewed periodical published by the Center. It is accredited by the Scientific Promotion Committees of the Supreme Council of Universities and published annually in partnership with Brill Publishing in Leiden, Netherlands.

The twelfth issue of the Abgadiyat is an important one as it contains a collection of scientific researches that are diverse in the languages in which they are written. The issue comprises a total of eight papers; three of which in Arabic, four in English and one in French.

Since its inception in 2006, Abgadiyat has been responsible for bridging the gap in the fields of writing and scripts studies. It seeks to provide specialists with the materials they need in their studies and to raise awareness of writings and inscriptions among non-specialists.

The Center is very interested in publishing the work conducted by young researchers, thus contributing to the increase of scientific publishing and inviting all researchers in the field of inscriptions, writings and scripts to contribute their research to the Abgadiyat periodical.

The Center is currently receiving contributions from researchers for its next issue, the 14th issue (2019), which will be devoted to scientific projects and research concerning Islamic writings and inscriptions. The Center will begin receiving research as of 31 July 2018 through electronic registration on the periodical’s website found in this link, or through the e-mail:

To visit the Abgadiyat periodical’s, please click here.