The BA Science Clubs Initiative Reaches out to 200 Schools

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Led by the BA Planetarium Science Center, the Science Clubs Initiative (SCI) reached out to 200 primary and preparatory schools this year. The initiative was launched in the academic year 2008/2009 to make up for the lack of practical science education in public schools.

SCI offered the necessary hands-on programs, equipment and material to selected schools to enable them to conduct simple scientific experiments, teach students critical thinking, analysis and how to carry out a simple research project, as well as presentation skills.

Moreover, SCI offered training to 400 teachers this year to improve their practical and teaching skills outside curriculum barriers, in addition to another 250 teachers through its “Train the Trainers” program which aims to increase the number of trained teachers in each school on a regular basis.

SCI is designed to be replicated throughout Egypt in the near future to encourage students to pursue their careers in science and technology.