The Second Round of the Adam Henein Annual Sculpture Prize Exhibition

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Within the framework of its keenness to support plastic arts in different fields, and provide young artists with the opportunity to showcase their artworks to a large audience and start their artistic careers, the BA is going to host the second round of the Adam Henein Annual Sculpture Prize exhibition on Wednesday, 11 July 2018. The event greatly contributes to the vitality and presence of young artists in the plastic arts scene.

The exhibition will include a large variety of artistic trends, as there was an increasing interest in using different sculpturing material. Although the competition guidelines state that qualifying artworks should be made using gypsum, a large number of contestants insisted on submitting sculptors made using the material that best fits their artistic vision.

The number of people who submitted their work this work exceeded 70 artists. Consequently, the Adam Henein Foundation decided to add two more prizes, doubling the number of prizes from only two to four awards.

The first prize, which amounts to EGP 50,000, has been awarded to Alaa Yehia. The second prize, EGP 10,000 and a free grant to work under the supervision of Adam Henein in his workshop for two weeks, has been awarded to Therez Anton. Samar al-Basal has won the third prize, EGP 5,000, and Abdelrahman Alaa has been awarded an exceptional prize by the judging committee, who granted him the opportunity to travel to Italy and learn about its different forms and trends of sculpturing.

The exhibition is set to open at 5:00 pm, and it will be open to the public until Monday, 23 July 2018, West Exhibition Hall, BA Conference Center (BACC).