The BA Launches “Hieroglyphs Step by Step” Website

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Within the framework of its efforts to promote learning about the ancient Egyptian language, the BA Writing and Scripts Center has launched the “Hieroglyphs Step by Step” website in collaboration with the Information Technology Department. The website is the first interactive e-platform for teaching hieroglyphics, and it targets college students and all who are interested in the various levels of the ancient Egyptian language. The website includes content in English and Arabic.

The first phase of the website was launched in 2015. The website is a long-term project; is continuously enriched with educational content, such as lessons and quizzes, vocabulary, and models of antique artifacts and other antiquities.

The website exclusively offers an online dictionary of hieroglyphic signs in both Arabic and English. It currently includes more than 6,300 words and is continuously added to. This interactive dictionary enables users to search for hieroglyphic terms using hieroglyphic signs or the terms’ meaning in English or Arabic.

The website also offers a series of about 30 educational lessons in Arabic and English. After completing each lesson, users may test and apply their newly acquired knowledge by taking a series of interactive quizzes.