The Center of Francophone Activities Organizes its 2018 Summer Activities at the BA

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In light of the Center of Francophone Activities' interest in disseminating the French language and culture, several activities will be organized over the Summer targeting different age groups to encourage Francophone youths to benefit from their Summer vacation.

Among these activities are three training courses for Francophone youths from Egyptian universities and they have been organized by the Center, in cooperation with a large number of universities, for four years to establishment links between the BA and Egyptian universities and stress the importance of communication with francophone students in all Egyptian governorates. This summer, the Center welcomed about 120 Francophone students from the universities of Assiut, Sadat City, Damietta, Fayoum, Mansoura, Suez, Tanta and Zagazig, with 40 students per session. The students are taught different French language applications, providing them with cultural, historical, linguistic and general information. Furthermore, a comprehensive visit to the BA was organized, offering them the opportunity to view all of its treasures, including museums, exhibitions, live performances at the Planetarium and cultural panoramas, among others. All the visits are conducted in French in encourage the practice of the language.

Finally, the Center organizes a translation workshop titled “Translation and the Professional Translator in the 21st Century” for Francophone university students interested in translation. The workshop will discuss professional translation, the market requirements, how translation serves the professional translator, new terms, specialized translation, and computer-generated translation.