The Launching of the “Easy Reading” Section at the BA

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The BA established the “Easy Reading” Section in its main reading area. This section is dedicated to Arabic books targeting graduates of literacy and adult education classes, as well as those who study Arabic as a foreign language and people who suffer from Dyslexia. The section is also open for anyone interested in picture books, which may not be accessible except through the Children and Young People’s libraries.

The books in this section focus on health, social and national awareness, in addition to books that contain practical instructions in the fields of health, home economics, small projects and crafts, manual work and computers. Books that develop general knowledge in all fields are also available.

The BA aims to encourage communication with different community associations and non-governmental organizations that work in the field of literacy and adult education to benefit from books in the “Easy Reading” section. For more information, please visit “Easy Reading at Bibliotheca Alexandrina” page on Facebook.