Re-issuing the Classics Project at the Cairo International Book Fair

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At its pavilion in the 43rd round of the Cairo International Book Fair, the BA held on 5 February 2012 a seminar on Re-issuing the Classics of the Islamic Heritage in the 19th and 20th centuries (13th and 14th Hijri centuries) Project and the “Islamic Reform Thought” series .


The seminar was moderated by Dr. Ismail Serageldin, Director of the Library of Alexandria, who explained the Project role in supporting the Arab culture of enlightenment. Twenty two different titles have been published so far, with recently-prepared explanatory introductions.

Islamic Thinker Dr. Mohamed Immara mentioned that the Project Committee has selected works that tackle the idea of renaissance with an aim to challenge the cultural hegemony exercised by the West on the Arab and Islamic nations.

Moroccan Intellectual Dr. Said ben Said El-Alawy described the project as significant since it tackles issues that are still debatable, including the space occupied by religion in the society and the state.

Lebanese Thinker Dr. Radwan El-Sayed sees the Project as an attempt to redefine the modern Arab cultural history, as well as a contribution to revive Egypt’s pioneering cultural role.

Dr. Mohamed Kamal Imam, Professor of Law at Alexandria University, said that the Project’s target group is mainly youth in order to help them form their own cultural vision and political steps. The Project team has been very keen on selecting works that invite reflection and contemplation, rather than those which curtail freedom of thought.