The BA Organizes an Easy Reading Session for People Liberated from Illiteracy

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The BA organizes an Easy Reading session for people liberated from illiteracy over the age of 16, on Wednesday, 6 February 2019, at 11:00 am. Participants will read excerpts from simplified stories or scientific books to one another, with the assistance of colleagues or session coordinators.

The “Easy Reading” Section in the BA main reading area is dedicated to Arabic books targeting graduates of literacy and adult education classes, as well as those who study Arabic as a foreign language and people who suffer from Dyslexia. The section is also open for anyone interested in picture books, which may not be accessible except through the Children and Young Peoples’ libraries.

Registration is required before attending the session, either by calling (+(203) 4839999 – Ext. 1885), or by visiting the Easy Reading Facebook page:


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