The BA Publishes a Book entitled Arabic Calligraphy Diwan in Syria

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The BA Writing and Scripts Center published a new book entitled Arabic Calligraphy Diwan in Syria, which is originally a dissertation written by Dr. Farag El-Husseiny. The publication comes as part of the BA role in safeguarding culture and heritage, especially at a time when several mosques and Islamic landmarks are partially or completely destroyed in Syria as a result of the ongoing conflict. The book is considered an encyclopedia of the different types of Mamluk writings and inscriptions in Syria.

The writer of the book is Dr. Farag El-Husseiny, a specialist in Islamic Antiquities Studies, who has several important contributions in this field such as The Fatimid Inscriptions and Writings on the Architectural Monuments (2007), which won the Best Book in the Islamic World in 2008.


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