Treasures of Royal Jewelry in an Exhibition at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

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The BA Antiquities Museum, in cooperation with the Royal Jewelry Museum and ADASA Club, organizes an exhibition entitled "Taj Photography Exhibition: Treasures from the Royal Jewelry Museum in Alexandria", from 11 June to 11 July 2019. The exhibition displays the collection that took part in the Taj Photography competition held in December 2018.

The exhibition aims at spreading cultural awareness and creating a connection between art and history, since the BA Antiquities Museum and the Royal Jewelry Museum are on the top list of tourist and cultural destinations in Alexandria. The exhibition also aims to remove the barrier between photographers, museums and archaeological sites to create a cohesive relationship between all three to support local and foreign tourism in Egypt and work on developing it, as well as produce professional works of art and documentation to promote tourism.

The Royal Jewelry Museum comprises a large collection of gold jewelry and antiquities belonging to the Muhammad Ali dynasty, dating back to 1805, including rare antiques from the era of Muhammad Ali Pasha to the era of Farouk I.

The exhibition sheds light on the palace collection and the splendor of architecture that belongs to the Baroque and Rococo styles; which highlights the influence of the Renaissance through the illustrations on the ceilings, the murals in the corridors, the Italian tiles which were prepared specifically for the palace, as well as the mosaic floors executed in the form of paintings and floral and geometric shapes.

Hosted by the BA Antiquities Museum, the exhibition comes in line with the BA mission to spread awareness of heritage and the importance of its preservation, as well as highlight the work of photographers and encourage them to be more creative.