“Women's Status in the Arab World” in a Seminar at Sinnari House

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The BA Sinnari House in Cairo organizes a seminar, in collaboration with the Preservation of Egyptian Heritage Association, to discuss the novel Raghabat Mouhamasha by Writer Ikhlas Francis.

The seminar takes place on Thursday, 4 July 2019, at 7:00 pm, and is moderated by Writer and Critic Salwa Bakr, member of the Supreme Council of Culture. The seminar tackles the situation of women in the Arab World and their status in Egyptian heritage in light of Ms. Francis’s novel.

It is worth mentioning that Ikhlas Francis is a Lebanese writer who witnessed the Lebanese civil war, and was immensely affected by it. She did not abandon her dream of writing, and instead pursued her career abroad.  Writing has become her new refuge and the means through which she expresses herself.