The centenary of Farouk I in a special issue of the Memory of Egypt magazine

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The Bibliotheca Alexandrina published a special issue of the Memory of Egypt magazine on the centenary of Farouk I, the last monarch of the Muhammad Ali dynasty in Egypt. The issue includes a number of analytical articles, with multiple photos, on the birth of Farouk I, his hobbies and exile, in addition to pieces on the political life in Egypt during that time, the conspiracies of the Muslim Brotherhood, the lead-up to the 23 July revolution, and the confiscation of the properties belonging to the dynasty of Muhammad Ali.

This special issue is replete with valuable contributions of several prominent academics and intellectuals, led by Dr. Moustafa Elfeki, Director of the BA and the General Supervisor of the magazine. Notable writers of this issue include Dr. Latifa Salem, Ahmed Zakaria El-Shalaq, Gamal Shakra, among others.

Memory of Egypt is published under the editorship of Dr. Sameh Fawzy, and distributed by Akhbar El Yom Foundation, by the virtue of an agreement contract with the BA.