The Seventh Science Festivity

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The BA Planetarium Science Center (PSC) organizes the Seventh Science Festivity on 17 and 18 April 2013 under the overarching theme “Natural Hazards”.

The Science Festivity aims to advance and share the knowledge of hazards mitigation and disaster preparedness, response, and recovery, in an aim to reduce the risks of the death, injury, economic cost, and destruction of natural and cultural resources caused by natural disasters.

The event is divided into a variety of extracurricular activities including plenary sessions, hands-on workshops, interactive exhibits, in addition to the always intriguing Super Science Show, in an aim to communicate science to people of all ages and backgrounds.

This interactive knowledge experience is offered at fingertips with the Science Village at the BA Plaza which comprises more than 50 kiosks, and will move to the Teachers’ Syndicate Club on 19 April.