"Draw and Discover" Competition 2020 at the BA

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The Bibliotheca Alexandrina Antiquities Museum, affiliated to the Cultural Outreach Sector, organizes a competition entitled “Draw and Discover” for participants in the Museum Education Program aged 9–16 years old. The Antiquities Museum presents this annual competition for the 6th consecutive year, with an aim to achieve the goals of the Museum Education Program, spread archaeological awareness among children and young people, help them develop their talents, and showcase their artistic creations.

The “Draw and Discover” Competition revolves around a well-known historical figure; participants will be required to draw one of the most significant holdings of the Museum, and conduct relevant research. This year’s round focuses on “Isis”, the goddess of motherhood and fertility who had a pivotal role in the Ancient Egyptian belief. The Antiquities Museum houses a number of antiquities featuring goddess Isis, and the chosen artifact, which is currently showcased in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, in the United States of America, was selected from the sunken antiquities collection, and it is made of basalt.

The Antiquities Museum celebrates the winners by presenting three valuable prizes for painting, and three other prizes for research. The competition is divided into two categories:

  • The first category, participants present a drawing of the artifact in question, focusing on its details. The image of the artifact is available on the Museum’s website, through this link: http://antiquities.bibalex.org/Collection/Detail.aspx?collection=44&a=842&lang=en
  • The second category, an accurate age-appropriate research on the aforementioned artifact. The submitted research papers must consist of at least six pages. An introductory online lecture on Isis will be delivered in order to assist the participants in their research, and its date will be announced later.

The competition is held from Thursday, 24 September to Sunday, 25 October 2020. Registration begins on Tuesday, 15 September 2020, and will be carried out by the event coordinator. Winners will be announced and handed out prizes in an award ceremony.

For inquiries and registration, please contact the Antiquities Museum:

Telephone: +(203) 4839999; Ext.: 2386