The African League of Young Masters at Ain Shams University

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The BA Sustainable Development Studies, Youth Capacity Building, and African Relations Support Program organized an African League of Young Masters session at Ain Shams University. The session was attended by 170 students from several African countries including South Sudan, Malawi, Uganda, Sudan, The Comoros, Burundi, Liberia, Madagascar, and Egypt.

The students – who study at different Egyptian universities such as Ain Shams, Cairo, Tanta, and Zagazig, and specialize in the fields of engineering, commerce, veterinary medicine, pharmacology and nursing – were gathered to discuss their vision for the future of the African Continent.

It is worth mentioning that the African League of Young Masters is a program that aims at opening channels of communication between African students and their Egyptians peers through various activities, whereby the two parties can share and exchange knowledge and experience. In addition, it has long-term plans for strengthening Egyptian-African relations through preparing future ambassadors for Egypt in different African countries.