The Shortlist of Abdel Rahman El-Abnudi Prize for Slang Poetry and Critical Studies 2021

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The BA and Hassan Rateb Foundation for Creativity are honored to announce the shortlist of the third round of Abdel Rahman El-Abnudi Prize for Slang Poetry and Critical Studies, in celebration of the great poet’s birthday on 11 April. The BA started receiving submissions at Sinnari House in Cairo, from 1 November 2020 until 31 January 2021. The application deadline was extended to 15 February 2021, due to the current difficult circumstances brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. Submitted works were then assessed based on a point system (out of 400 points), and approved by Dr. Moustafa Elfeki, Director of the BA.

The shortlist for Slang Poetry is as follows:

  • Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Amin El-Gamal, for his poem Gawi.

  • Islam Hamada Eid Mohamed Ossman, for his poem Beywaretho El Ma’sah Bebasata (Simply Bequeathing Tragedy).

  • Habiba Zein El-Abedeen Abdel Rasoul Gouda, for her poem Seret El Gemeiz (The Sycamore Way).

  • Khalil Ezzeldine Khalil El-Halawany, for his poem Al Hob fi Sharea El Geish (Love on Geish Street).

  • Diaa El-Haq Shaaban Farid Ali Shadw, for his poem Del Atshan lel Dafa (A Shadow Longing for Warmth).

The shortlist for Critical Studies is as follows:

  • Ahmed Mohamed El-Sagheir, for his study “The Semiotics of the Dramatic Poem in the Works of Abdel Rahman El-Abnudi: A Critical Approach.”

  • Asmaa Atta Gadallah Abdel Kafi, for her study “The Epic of Structure and Mechanism of Social Communication in Abnudi’s Poem Gawabat Haragy El-Ott: A Critical Study.”

  • Reda Attia Iskandar Farag, for his study “Abdel Rahman El-Abnudi’s Poetical Composition Structures.”

  • Mohamed Helal Ibrahim Mohamed Rayyan, for his study “Abnudi… Narrator of Modern Folklore.”

It is worth mentioning that Abdel Rahman El-Abnudi Prize is divided into two branches: a prize for slang poetry awarded to a selected printed poem in Egyptian slang, and a second prize for critical studies tackling one of the creative aspects of El-Abnudi’s poetry.