The BA Honors the Winners of the “Draw and Discover” Competition

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The BA Antiquities Museum organized the “Draw and Discover” Competition for the sixth consecutive year, for participants in the Museum Education Program aged 9 to 16.

This year’s competition revolved around “Isis”, the Goddess of motherhood and fertility who had a pivotal role in the ancient Egyptian belief. It is worth noting that the Antiquities Museum houses a number of antiquities featuring Goddess Isis.

The competition was divided into two categories. The first category presented a detailed drawing of a statue that depicted a Ptolemaic queen in the shape of the Goddess Isis, while the second category introduced an accurate age-appropriate research on the aforementioned artifact. A lecture on the figure in question was broadcast online to guide the participants through their research.

The Antiquities Museum awarded three prizes to the winners in the drawing category, and three others in the research category. Certificates of merit were granted to all the participants in this year’s competition.