“Egypt… The Heritage and Civilization” Workshops for Children at Sinnari House

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The Bibliotheca Alexandrina organizes a number of workshops for children and young people, titled “Egypt… The Heritage and Civilization” on Wednesday, 18 August 2021, at 11:00 am, at the BA Sinnari House in Cairo.

The workshops focus on Egypt’s history, civilization, and heritage through an explanation of the ancient Egyptian language and a demonstration of the shape of currency in the Islamic period. They also aim to introduce children to the history and achievements of their ancestors, instill in them the values of belonging and creativity, strengthen their self-confidence, and teach them the importance of preserving their cultural legacy and heritage.

The workshops run for one day, and target children and young people aged 12 – 15.

For registration, please follow the link below:


For more information, please call 01001303318 or 0223926031, or visit the Sinnari House Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Bayt.AlSinnari