The BA Releases the Book Researches in Islamic History and Civilization

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The BA Center for Islamic Civilization Studies released a new book titled Researches in Islamic History and Civilization, by Dr. Ahmed Mukhtar Al-Abbadi, one of the pioneers of historical and civilization studies. Dr. Al-Abbadi was among a group of leading Egyptian scholars who took part in the development of the Oriental, Occidental, and Andalusian historical studies.

The book is published in two volumes, and comes as part of a series of scientific publications issued by the BA. It tackles the Islamic history and civilization over a number of successive historical stages, in addition to studies on the relationship between the East and West of the Islamic world, as well as the relationship between Al-Andalus and Morocco during the late Medieval Period of Islam. The book also features research papers on the agriculture and scientific heritage of Al-Andalus, and examines the different aspects of media and publicity in Morocco and Al-Andalus in the late Medieval Period of Islam, together with the local influence on the historical Andalusian novel.

Moreover, the book sheds light on the Nasrid dynasty in Grenada, the Islamic civilization in Sicily, and the city of Seville throughout the Medieval Period of Islam. It also calls to attention the intellectual and scientific heritage of three international iconic figures from Morocco in the eighth Hijri century: Ibn Khaldun, Lisan Al-Din Ibn Al-Khatib, and Ibn Battuta.