Call for Application: “Early Warning and Facing Rumors” Course

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The BA Center for Strategic Studies organizes a course entitled “Early Warning and Facing Rumors”, which aims to train participants to understand the method of developing early warning systems in the political, security, economic, and social areas. These systems are considered among the most efficient mechanisms to maintain national security, and, if applied properly, they can be used to prevent or reduce crises, as well as predict their related rumors in order to achieve stability, which is one of the basic requirements for sustainable development.

The course aims to achieve a number of goals, including the following:

  • Outlining the importance of early warning systems in the preservation of national security.
  • Demonstrating the methods of designing early warning systems, and the basics that should be considered when planning them.
  • Explaining the best ways in which early warning mechanisms can be applied to achieve their goals.
  • Highlighting the role of information monitoring and transfer in early warning systems.
  • Explaining the ways in which early warning systems can be used to predict rumors.

Course Date:

27 and 28 September 2021.

Target Group:

Students, graduates, and post graduate researchers (MA, PhD) of the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Economics and Political Science.

Number of Participants:

30 participants (maximum number).


The course is free of charge. Certificates of attendance will be handed out to those who attend the entire course.


The Bibliotheca Alexandrina Conference Center, Meeting Room C.

For registration, please follow the link below:

Registration is available from 9 to 15 September 2021. Only accepted applicants will be contacted via email.

Alert: For everyone’s safety, participants must follow all precautionary measures including wearing face masks and following the rules of social distancing.

*Please note that accommodation is not provided for participants from outside of Alexandria.