“Religious Chants in Ancient Egypt” in a Lecture at the BA

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The BA Writing and Scripts Center organizes a lecture entitled “Religious Chants in Ancient Egypt” on Sunday, 12 December 2021, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, in the Auditorium Hall. It will be delivered by Dr. Maysara Abdullah Hussein, Professor of Ancient Egyptian Archaeology and Religion, Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University, and moderated by Dr. Ahmed Mansour, Director of the BA Writing and Scripts Center.

The lecture tackles some aspects of life and faith in ancient Egypt, and their connection with music, hymns, and religious and ceremonial chants. It also examines the difference between songs and chants, and discusses the chants that were chosen for the ceremony of the King’s Festivities Road – also known as the Avenue of Sphinxes – as well as the causes and circumstances of their choice.