"The Visitors’ Graffiti at the Fatimid Cemetery of Aswan" in an Online Lecture at the BA

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The BA Antiquities Museum and the Zahi Hawass Center of Egyptology organize an online lecture entitled “The Visitors’ Graffiti at the Fatimid Cemetery of Aswan”. The lecture will be delivered by Dr. Fatma Keshk, Postdoctoral Fellow at the IFAO and PCMA, and will be broadcast on Tuesday, 15 March 2022; 12:00 pm, via the Antiquities Museum’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Bibliotheca-Alexandrina-Antiquities-Museum-219232808274600/

The lecture sheds light on the Fatimid Cemetery of Aswan, that is considered one of the largest existing ancient Islamic cemeteries of Egypt. Its importance lies not only in the value of its standing architecture, but more importantly in it being a major example of a historic site with a living heritage. The mausoleums of the religious figures buried or commemorated at the cemetery are still being visited by large groups from the local communities in Aswan and Upper Egypt. Many of the mausoleums have traces of Arabic graffiti left by visitors. This lecture aims to present the results of studying Arabic graffiti at the Fatimid Cemetery of Aswan.

Registration can be done using the following link, or by entering the meeting details shown below on the website: bibalex.webex.com

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Meeting number: 2385 251 8587

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