The BA Celebrates Egyptian Space Day

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The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is celebrating Egyptian Space Day, in cooperation with the Egyptian Space Agency (EGSA), the Faculty of Engineering (Shubra) - Banha University, and Esri North Africa. The event is held on Thursday, 18 August 2022, in the BACC Small Theater.

The celebration includes a session on space industry and its opportunities and challenges. It also comprises a number of lectures and presentations on the history and technology of space delivered by a host of experts and specialists. The event is accompanied by an Egyptian Space Agency exhibition that features miniature models of satellites, in addition to a display of the most significant collections of books, maps, and atlases available at the BA Map Library.

The celebration comes as part of the BA interest in shedding light on modern science and the technical and scientific progress of different sciences, with an aim of raising the awareness of users about the importance of science and technology, notably space science.