Closing Ceremony of the of the BA Children and Young People's Libraries’ Summer Program

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The BA Library Sector is organizing the closing ceremony of the 2023 Summer Activities Program of the Children and Young People's Libraries, entitled "The Story of a City" on Wednesday, 13 September 2023, at 4:30 pm, in the BACC Great Hall.

The annual summer program of both libraries aims to develop the talents and abilities of children and young people through various activities and events that help them discover their potential. During the summer program, the two libraries presented a wide variety of purposeful activities, including artistic and literary workshops, health and psychological awareness programs, scientific activities and programs to develop life and language skills, in addition to cultural and recreational events, educational field trips, etc.

This year's closing ceremony includes various artistic performances with the participation of talented children and young people from both libraries, as it aims to motivate more children and young people to explore and develop their talents. The ceremony will feature a theatrical performance, together with dance, music and singing segments, and an exhibition of artworks created by children and young people during the summer program.

This celebration comes as part of the BA effective and leading role in serving different segments of society, as it pays special attention to children and young people through its various consistent events and activities, with the aim of encouraging reading, cultivating talents, developing life and intellectual skills, spreading awareness and knowledge and highlighting creative, interactive and cultural education.