“Design is a Verb” and “First Time” Exhibitions

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On Tuesday, 16 July 2013, the BA witnesses the opening of the two Exhibitions: “Design is a Verb” and “First Time”, organized by the Exhibitions and Artistic Collection Department.

The Eighth Round of “First Time” Exhibition offers an opportunity to discover future artists, who would enrich the artistic movement, and provides those promising talents with the support they need to hone their skills and creativity. Fourteen young artists from different Egyptian governorates participate in the 2013 round, in addition to a guest of honor from Syria. “First Time” is open until 17 August.

The Second Round of “Design is a Verb” tackles the theme of recycling and showcases artworks from different fields. It lasts until 3 August.

Both Exhibitions are held at the BACC Exhibition Halls, and are open for public.