BA Publishes New Edition of Al-Bayan in Urbanization and Reasons of Urbanism

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The BA has published a new edition of Al-Bayan in Urbanization and Reasons of Urbanism by Arab thinker and politician Rafik el-Azam, as part of the “Re-issuing the Classics of Islamic Heritage in 19th and 20th Centuries/13th and 14th Hijri Centuries” Project.

The project aims to create a comprehensive and diverse library that includes the most important intellectual works of the pioneers of Islamic reform and restoration during the aforementioned centuries. The BA seeks to make these selections as widely accessible as possible by publishing them in paperback form  and online via the BA website and the project’s website. The BA also primarily seeks to make them accessible to youth, especially the younger generations.

Rafik el-Azam’s book represents a wonderful introduction to the project and its enlightening ideas. The book discusses the truth, conditions, and reasons behind urbanization, in addition to discussing the link between urbanization and Islamic Sharia, and the issue of education and how a nation’s passion for science and knowledge can lead to development. He also discusses the effect that freedom and justice have on urbanization and construction. He ends his book by reviewing the Islamic civilization and the different aspects of urbanization and its causes.

The book includes a foreword written by Dr. Abdulrahman Helli.