Memory of Modern Egypt Magazine Celebrates its 5th Anniversary

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The Memory of Modern Egypt magazine is currently celebrating its fifth anniversary. Over the course of those five years, the magazine has published twenty editions, each of them covering important aspects of Egyptian history. The magazine has also covered many interesting topics which were co-written by a group of experienced writers and young researchers.

The MoME magazine includes new and interesting topics about modern Egyptian history, such as the traffic laws issued by Khedive Ismail; Napoleon Bonaparte’s decree after the French occupation of Egypt; Mohamed Ali’s reaction to the first photograph captured in Africa; the story of the first hot air balloon to float in Egypt’s sky; and the role of Jack Conte, the inventor of the pencil, in Egypt during the French Expedition. The stories of the Statue of Liberty between Suez and New York and the transformation of Cairo’s gardens to urban residential blocks were also included. In addition to that, many outstanding articles were featured in the magazine, such as Dr. Emad Abo Ghazi’s article about Mahmoud Mokhtar that includes rare documents, Dr. Latifa Salem’s article titled “King Farouk…The King Who Fell” and her article about the mixed courts of Egypt and their influence on Egyptian society, and Dr. Abo Ghazala’s article about Opera Aida and its rare photographs. Last but not least, Dr. Khaled Asfour’s article about reshaping the Egyptian mind in the nineteenth century was also featured in the magazine.

The MoME magazine dedicated an entire edition to the October Victory for the fortieth anniversary of the October War (1973). This edition included important photographs, Egyptian newspaper headlines that were published during the war, and maps detailing the operations and stages of the war. The edition also comprised caricatures dating back to the pre-war era and caricatures published during the war itself, October War memorial postage stamps, and a special file containing military data issued by the General Administration of the Armed Forces documenting day by day action.

In response to great public demand, the BA has republished the first edition of the Memory of Modern Egypt (MoME) magazine.