Course: How to Read Coptic Papyrus

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The BA Coptic Studies Center is organizing a course titled “How to Read Coptic Papyrus” from 2–4 February 2015 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. This course will be the first of its kind in Egypt. It will be given in English by Dr. Jaques Van der Vliet, a Coptic scholar who is also Head of the International Association for Coptic Studies (IACS) and a professor of Coptic Language at the Lieden University in the Netherlands. The course will also be taught by Dr. Ewa Zakrzewska, a professor of Coptic Language at Amsterdam University.

The participation fee for this course is EGP 50. It will be held at the Center’s premises in Cairo.

Address: Administrative Building, Sofitel Maadi Hotel (next to the Sadat Academy for Management Science) at the BA office on the 23rd floor.

To register, please contact the BA Coptic Studies Center:

Tel.: +(203) 4839999

Mobile: 01023114633 – 01000714875 – 01005080963

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