A Cultural Program for Young People and Children at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina During the Mid-Year Vacation

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Alexandria, 22 January 2006—The Young Peoples’ and the Children Libraries are organizing a recreational cultural program during the mid year vacation for children and young people from the age of 6 to 16 years. The program includes a variety of seminars, lectures, and workshops by distinguished specialists. The program aims at spreading social awareness and developing new skills through several lectures including, Teach Yourself , by Dr, Maysa Nayel, Professor of Psychology, Faculty of Arts; and a lecture by Dr. Mona Hagag, entitled What Do You Know About Alexandria Archeology?

The program includes workshops such as, How Do You Write a Novel? By Dr. Yacob El-Sharony, A Specialist in Children’s Books, who will present some of his books as part of the program. Animation (Cartoons) is a workshop where young people and children will write a novel and its script and will animate it. The program also includes a workshop entitled Drawing Maps, by Dr. Fathi Abo Radi, Surf the Internet, and Maps of the Arab World. In collaboration with the Antiquities Museum at the BA, a workshop will be held where young people and children will learn about monuments and make replicas using sculpture and clay.

Consecutively and for the fourth year, the Young Peoples’ and Children Libraries will conduct the Search for All program, where children are taught how to prepare a paper using books, references, periodicals, internet, and databases. The participants will be required to conduct a research at the end of the course to apply what they have learnt.

As part of the program, participants will use My Book: Digital and Printed, where children can read a book in digital format, print it, and then make a cover for the book.

Interesting movies on video will also be shown for children including, Harry Potter, Tin Tin, and a documentary film entitled the 20th Century Diaries, in addition to story telling activities.

The program is an integral part of the Library’s initiative to develop children"s and young people’s mental abilities to help the new generation face the challenges of the future.


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