Kindly be informed that the Daycare facility is temporarily closed due to routine maintenance.


The Visits Department welcomes BA visitors under six, in the presence of one of their parents, in a place where they can enjoy their time.

  • Prior reservation is required for large groups and nurseries (maximum 30 children).


Opening Hours and Admission

Opening hours: Daily from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm except Fridays, Saturdays, and official Holidays.

Admission to the Daycare is free of charge. Children are allowed in the daycare area only if:

  • either of the child’s parents is using the BA;
  • either of the child’s brothers or sisters is using the Children’s Library, the Young People’s Library or attending an event at the BA; or if
  • either of the child’s parents is attending an event at the BA.


Rules and Regulations

  • Parents must present their tickets or membership cards to the care service.
  • Parents must fill in the child’s personal information form and present their ID.
  • A child needs only one parent to stay with.