In keeping with the BA objectives to disseminate science and knowledge all over the country, an agreement has been struck to establish Embassies of Knowledge in all Egyptian universities, the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology’s regional branches, several exploratory centers affiliated with the Ministry of Education, and a number of public libraries and institutions interested in the dissemination of science and culture in Egyptian society.

The Embassies of Knowledge represent a replication of the full digital functionalities and privileges offered to BA visitors, such as unrestricted access to the BA Digital Assets Repository (DAR), the largest Arabic digital library; Description de l’Egypte; L’Art Arabe; Al-Hilal Digital Collection; the Memory of Modern Egypt project; and the Science Supercourse. They will also facilitate access to numerous BA-affiliated websites, such as La Main à la Pâte, Arab InfoMall, and the Development Gateway. The Embassies of Knowledge also offer their beneficiaries a good quality webcasting service, which provides live and archived access to all the conferences, lectures, and events taking place at the BA Conference Center in smooth streaming, clear display, and at a high speed. Furthermore, the BA grants embassy users full access to the BA Multimedia Library and the supercomputer network.