The Bibliotheca Alexandrina signed a cooperation agreement with the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in March 2017, to establish and equip an interactive science museum in the Research Center of West Delta in Tanta. The Museum aims to provide scientific information and theories, as well as explain their importance in the things that we see, hear, and touch in our daily lives. This scientific information will be offered in the form of interactive and creative activities.

Inaugurated in November 2020, the Museum comprises a collection of scientific experiments in different fields, which address everything related to human beings, their bodies, and their surrounding environment. It consists of three main departments:

Discover Your Body: Visitors examine their five senses, and learn more about their body parts and their functions.

Discover Your Environment: Visitors learn about some of the forms of energy, together with the transformation of the sources of energy from one form to another.

Discover Space: Visitors learn more about planet Earth, and its difference from other planets in the solar system.