The Alexandria Project (AP) is a research project affiliated to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Library Sector. It aims to serve the scholars and researchers interested in the study of the ancient library of Alexandria, ancient Alexandrian scholarship, and the intellectual life in ancient Alexandria and its contemporary world. The Project also tackles the various aspects of the historical and cultural heritage of ancient Alexandria, and their influence on the advancement of human knowledge as well as their cultural impact on humanity across the ages. Moreover, the AP highlights cutting-edge technologies used in the documentation and preservation of heritage.

The Project aims to raise awareness and disseminate knowledge about its topics to people of different ages.

The AP seeks to achieve its goals through promoting research, organizing lectures, workshops, seminars, conferences and producing various types of print and electronic publications.

The AP was concerned, upon its beginning in 2002, with the development of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina collection of information resources in the subjects covered by the Project. Since 2004, the AP has provided services and activities to the general and specialized public. It organized the first public exhibition of the BA that focused on three main themes: the ‘intellectual life in the ancient library of Alexandria’, ‘Alexandria, the capital of ancient Egypt’, and ‘the Alexandrian submerged antiquities’; the latter being the BA contribution in the World Bank’s exhibition “Culture and Development: The Challenge and the Response”, which was hosted by the BA in 2004/5. The AP public activities continue to this day.

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