This archive is a rich repository documenting the life of the late President of Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser, using a collection of different forms of media pertaining to his term in office. The collection of documents, photos, movies, speeches, and more were donated to the Library of Alexandria by Nasser Foundation to be scanned, cataloged, indexed, and subjected to optical character recognition (OCR), and then later provided to public users in an easy, user-friendly interface. The collection is continuously being updated with new items. One of the recent updates is the “This Day in History” feature which allows users to view events, news, speeches, or documentary movies on incidents that happened on the same day years ago. The collection has also been expanded with the addition of new material including 43 speeches in video and audio forms, 29 greeting cards, 13 pamphlets released by the Free Officers Movement, and 22 documents containing meeting minutes of the Egyptian Cabinet in 1,176 pages.