For the past five years, the Egyptian Center for the Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (CultNat) and the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA), together with IBM, have been working to bring the awe-inspiring experience of Egypt to the world through a project known as ‘Eternal Egypt.’ It represents a unique partnership using innovative technologies to create an interactive, multimedia experience of Egyptian cultural artifacts, places and history for a global audience. The website covers descriptions of more than 2,000 artifacts, key historical characters and archeological sites and wraps them in a variety of stories and virtual tours of famous sites and museums. The descriptive information is available in three languages: Arabic, English, and French. It is also supported by an innovative text-to-speech technology which generates dynamic audio narrations. A little over one year since the 100th anniversary of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, anyone with access to the internet is now able to enter a three-dimensional reconstruction of Tutankhamun's tomb. This experience is only one small part of Eternal Egypt, which is also accessible by handheld digital guide in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, by cell phone for visitors to the pyramids at Giza and Luxor Temple in Upper Egypt, or through the Eternal Egypt web site. The Eternal Egypt web site offers an unprecedented experience of high-resolution images and three-dimensional reconstructions of Egyptian monuments and antiquities, as well as virtually-reconstructed environments, panoramic views and other images of present-day Egypt that are captured by robotic cameras located in key areas from the top of Karnak Temple to the streets of Old Cairo. An innovative, interactive map and timeline will also guide Eternal Egypt’s visitors through Egypt's cultural heritage, while a ‘context navigator’ allows them to appreciate the complex relationships between objects, places and personalities from Egypt's past in a unique, web-like display. In 2005, the website received the World Summit Award for the world’s Best E-content and creativity and the Best Arab E-content Award, as well as the Best Innovative and Experimental Application.