There are around 2 million Ancient Egyptian objects, divided into about 850 public collections, dispersed over 69 countries around the world. The Global Egyptian Museum website aims to collect various object from the scattered collections and gather them in a global virtual museum; one that can be freely accessed at any time, from any place. This website is a long-term project hosted by CULTNAT under the aegis of the International Committee for Egyptology (CIPEG). The website currently includes artifacts from 13 European museums with their information available in 7 languages. Also available are artifacts from 2 Egyptian museums with the exclusive option of viewing them in Arabic. The Basic Mode, which targets the general public, currently showcases 1314 highly important items and has a glossary of more than 400 Egyptian archeological terms. Many objects are provided with audio comments and 3D-movies. The Advanced Mode, equipped with a powerful search and data entry engine, provides access to the full database—presently 14812 objects—to professionals and amateurs in archeology. The children’s section, Kids!, offers an interactive interface of delivering information for children aged 8–12 years.