This ambitious project aims to acquire the largest possible number of microfilms and digital copies of manuscript collections worldwide in order to provide scientific research resources, establish academic cooperation, and disseminate scientific heritage, especially works pertaining to the history of science and the contributions of the Arab-Islamic civilization to humanity. Initiated in 2005, the project had a primary target of 100,000 manuscripts. During the past year, the Manuscripts Center exchanged copies of Arabic manuscripts with the Arab Manuscripts Institute in Cairo, the Juma al-Majid Heritage and Culture Center (United Arab Emirates), and the Central Library of Islamic Manuscripts at the Egyptian Ministry of Awqaf. As a result, 5,298 manuscripts were added to the Center’s collection, fulfilling 40% of the set target. All collections are available to the public in the Center’s reading rooms, which received in one year a total of 1,925 researchers from different parts of the world.