Eratosthenes Festivity takes place on 21 June of every year at the BA and in Aswan city. It is designed for preparatory school students and includes a series of activities that revolve around Eratosthenes's methodology in measuring the Earth’s circumference 2000 years ago. Eratosthenes played a pioneering role in a diversity of humanitarian, scientific, and cultural issues. The "Eratosthenes Festivity" gives the participating students the chance to measure the earth’s circumference at the BA plaza on 21 June, the day of summer solstice. The festivity is also designed to honor Eratosthenes as the outstanding third Librarian of the ancient Library of Alexandria and links the Library’s past and future. The Festivity comprises a fieldtrip to the Elephantine island in Aswan, interactive workshops and lectures in both Alexandria and Aswan, a contest, and videoconferences between Alexandria, Aswan, and other countries to compare measurement results. Eratosthenes Festivity is free of charge and is for registered school groups only.