The BA Planetarium Science Center (PSC) launched the Science Clubs Initiative (SCI) to overcome the lack of practical, hands-on science education in public schools. The SCI offers hands-on programs in selected public primary and preparatory schools. The initiative builds on children’s curiosity and creativity to engage them in science learning and to help them embark on a journey of discovery. It also emphasizes the relevance of science to our everyday life. Learning about science outside the classrooms’ walls is vital for any nation’s progress as it offers opportunities to practice and learn science at an early age. The SCI provides the necessary equipment and material to conduct simple scientific experiments which aim to teach children critical thinking, analysis, presentation skills, and how to conduct a simple research paper. SCI also offers training for teachers to develop their practical and teaching skills outside curriculum barriers. Train the Trainers program comes in line with teachers’ training in order to increase the number of trained teachers and to ensure that each of the participating schools has a minimum number of trained teachers on a regular basis.