The BA Planetarium Science Center (PSC) designs a series of workshops, in line with the official academic science curriculum, that cover various scientific fields and strongly focus on astronomy. PSC mainly targets school students, ages 10-16, and their teachers to introduce the students to the marvels of science at an early age. The PSC workshops program is implemented in schools in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. The PSC conducts the workshops and various other activities all year long. During the summer and midterm vacations, the PSC designs a program for primary, preparatory, and secondary school students. It is a bouquet that comprises of a variety of in-door activities like workshops, lectures, contests, BA visits, and it includes outdoor activities like scientific field trips and camps. The program combines both education and entertainment in a very creative manner. During the school year, the PSC conducts workshops for both school groups and individuals in addition to the ongoing annual events, contests, lectures, and other scheduled activities.