The Manuscripts Museum organizes several activities in cooperation with the Children’s Library, the Young People’s Library, and the Francophone Activities Center. These activities take place on a regular basis during the mid-year and summer vacations and aim to increase students’ love of learning and provide them with more information about their history and identity as well as highlight the Museum’s most prized collections. The activities are considered educational and complementary to the historical information that the student learns throughout the school year. The topics of these activities differ according to the age group of the students. The titles of these topics are: From the Scroll to the Printed Book, Ornamented Manuscripts, Arabic Calligraphy Manuscripts, Museum Curators, The History of Paper Manufacturing, The History of the Old Library of Alexandria, The Story of Kiswet Al-Kaaba, Manuscripts of Arab Scholars, Inventions by Arabs and Muslims, History of Modern Egypt, French Expedition Led by Napoleon, Mohamed Ali’s Role in the Egyptian Renaissance, The History of Kiswet Al-Kaaba and the Egyptian Mahmal, and The Suez Canal: Past and Present.